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From one professional to another, we deeply appreciate your understanding & cooperation here: If for whatever reason you need to reschedule your pump job with us please contact us asap.  We completely understand about rain/cold interfering with placing concrete.  We require at least a two business day notice if you need to cancel or reschedule, please read on. 

Why do we require a timely notice?  We don't "pencil" anyone in, when we schedule you in our calendar we reserve your slot for you & you alone when you request our services.  When we say yes to you, we will turn down several other people who are asking for your same time slot.  For example, when you rent a cabin or a beach house you are the only one scheduled for that particular time slot.  We have been in the concrete industry for over three decades and we understand how complicated scheduling can be, we understand people can fail inspections and have unforeseen complications. 

But to be fair to everyone: If you do not give us two business days notice that you need to cancel/reschedule we will charge you our minimum rates unless weather related conditions on the day of your pour prohibit you from placing your concrete, also if it rained the day before your pour and the jobsite is still a mudhole or it's raining on the day you are scheduled for we would not charge our minimum under those circumstances.